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Sex-Positive Holiday Gift Ideas!


It’s gift giving season. Here are some great ideas that will please the people on your list and promote happiness and world peace through sex-positivity!

2016 was a great year for books. You won’t go wrong with any of these. (Click on the images for more info.)

A fantastic book by David Ley, PhD. It covers an important topic in an easily accessible and enjoyable way. Get it for the Dick in your life!
Michael Aaron takes a fascinating look at sexuality and relationships – where we are, how we got here and how to deal with the challenges.
Sex educator Elle Chase is here to show you that regardless of size, shape, or flexibility you CAN get creative and have satisfying, sultry, sensual sex!
A great choice for the teen boy in your life or their parents! Andrew Smiler helps navigate the complicated world of sex and relationships.


Want something a little more “hands-on”? Get the Funkit Signet: Hand Sex Plus from Funkit Toys

Funkit Signet rings are a textured addition to your hand or vibrator, alone or with partners. This is an indiegogo project from Kenton Johnston of Funkit Toys. You’ll not only get a great sex toy you’ll be helping support a creative, sex-positive toy maker.

Signet rings not your style? You can’t go wrong with any of Funkit Toys great line of toys –


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