Please Note: I will be transitioning my practice from a therapy model to a coaching model as of January 1, 2023. I believe this will allow me to better serve you. For most clients this change will be mostly transparent. Please read the blog post below to find out more.

All appointments scheduled after January 1, 2023 must be for coaching!


A Welsh word meaning (poetic) inspiration. Inspiration is the key to making meaningful changes in our lives.

I will work with you to make the changes you want in your life by providing new tools, insights and perspectives. Whatever the issue - anxiety, depression, anger, relationships, self esteem, kinks, non-monogamy, power dynamics and more - we can find solutions.

Exciting changes are coming in 2023!


My experience during 12+ years of doing therapy with individuals and partners is that most people come to therapy not looking to be pathologized or diagnosed. What they are looking for are new tools and new perspectives that will help them improve their own life and their relationships.

That has always been my approach to therapy. Instead of following a medical model that looks for what is “broken”, I have tried to use a strength-based approach that helps my clients find new insights and understanding, as well as learning new skills to make their life and relationships happier and more productive.

Working within the therapy framework is sometimes challenging because the system, rules, and regulations are set up with a medical model in mind. Often requirements are more about satisfying insurance companies than they are about improving client care. And, because those regulations are often developed to address large clinics and medical practices, they add cumbersome administrative overhead to small and individual practitioners.

Because of this, I have decided to move from a therapy model to coaching. As of January 1, Awen Therapy will become Blevins Coaching & Consulting. This change will align my business with my approach to supporting clients. This is a change that I have considered for many years and have decided it is the right time to make the change. I look forward to continuing to provide the support and care you deserve.


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