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A Welsh word meaning (poetic) inspiration. Inspiration is the key to making meaningful changes in our lives.

I will work with you to make the changes you want in your life by providing new tools, insights and perspectives. Whatever the issue - anxiety, depression, anger, relationships, self esteem, kinks, non-monogamy, power dynamics and more - we can find solutions.

Before You Dismiss the Impact of the Pandemic on Your Emotions, Give This a Listen…


The pandemic has caused lots of emotions in all of us – sadness, frustration, anger, and fear are some of the obvious ones. But, there may be more going on in there than you recognize. Maybe you feel it but can’t name it.

David Kessler is a Psychologist and renowned grief expert. He suggests that we are experiencing collective grief that is unprecedented. Listen to him talk about it with Anne Strainchamps of “To The Best Of Our Knowledge” and learn what you can do to help yourself in this challenging time. It’s 12 minutes that may help more than you can know!

Listen here –

Or visit “Grief Is A Natural Response To The Pandemic. Here’s Why You Should Let Yourself Feel It.”


Image by: Віщун, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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