About Me

jay framedI took the scenic route to becoming a therapist.  The good news is that there is a lot to be learned along the way!  My original undergraduate degree was in psychology and computer science.  After a stint in the business world I added an MBA.  That was followed by starting a couple of small businesses. Later in life I decided to follow my passion.  I returned to get my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Being a therapist has been the most interesting and rewarding part of the journey to date.  Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to work with adults and adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. I’ve worked with those experiencing depression, anxiety, marital and relationship issues, personality disorders, low self esteem, stage of life issues, compulsive behaviors, divorce, parenting and co-parenting issues, physical and sexual abuse, trauma and with  alternative lifestyle clients and issues including transitioning transexuals, coming out, polyamory, fetishes, kink and bdsm.I have a very direct style of therapy.  You may enjoy working with me as a therapist if you are looking for someone that can be supportive yet is not afraid to challenge you. I use an eclectic approach but all of my techniques are systemic in nature.  That means I don’t believe that there is a “problem” with an individual.  I view issues as existing where individuals interact with other people or their environment.  For you therapy buffs out there, I use many different styles of interventions but I rely most heavily on Experiential approaches.  I also use Strategic, Structural and Post-Modern techniques.  However, my ultimate goal is to use the tools and methods that work best for my clients.