CARAS 2015 Alternative Sexualities Conference


I’m excited to be attending this year’s Alternative Sexualities Conference in Chicago. The conference is all day Friday, May 22 followed by a half day Kink-Identified Clinician’s meeting on Saturday. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The Personality of BDSM Practitioners
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to talking aboutkink culture and identity in higher education
  • Managing Professional and Ethical Boundaries: Being a Clinician and Living Within the Kink Communities
  • Sadomasochism without Sex? Exploring the Parallels between BDSM and Extreme Rituals
  • Uncovering Therapist Bias
  • The Psychobiology of SM: An overview
  • The Sound Relationship Dungeon: Healthy Kink, Abusive Kink, and Addressing Abusive Dynamics in BDSM
  • The Eroticization of Pain: A Critical Metabletic

The keynote address is From Sex Wars to Peace: Working Together For a Model of Positive Sexuality. There will also be a roundtable discussion – Is Kink A Sexual Orientation?

It should be a great day!!



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