Sex & Sexuality
I have significant experience working with issues such as kinks, fetishes, BDSM, power dynamics, polyamory and other relationship structures. I have worked with many LGBTQIA clients as well. I am sex-positive and believe that sex and sexuality is an important part of who we are. I work with clients to integrate their own preferences and desires into their life in a healthy way.
Relationship Counseling
I enjoy working with all types of relationships in the various stages of their relationship. Areas of focus include learning new patterns of interaction, improved communication, navigating life stage transitions, infidelity, sexual issues and exploration, balancing differing opinions and styles in relationships and the myriad of other issues that arise in daily life. I work with individuals to empower them to be able to resolve situations and to become the best version of themselves.
Adolescents and Families with Adolescents
I spent several years working at Briarpatch, a teen runaway center, serving adolescents and their families. That experience provided me with strong skills and experience. I enjoy helping adolescents work through the difficult life transitions they face. I get great satisfaction in assisting a family to support their adolescent as they grow up and become adults.
Sex and Sexuality Educator
I conduct workshops and talks about relationships, desire, sex and sexuality. Topics can cover a wide range including online dating tips, rekindling desire, BDSM, power dynamics and alternative relationship structures such as polyamory, and sexual health.I also have workshops for mental health practitioners looking to enhance their understanding of alternative sexuality. Contact me for more information.
Something Fun! Private Party Educator
Many people have questions about sex, sexuality and relationships but don't have good resources and aren't going to go to therapy to find the answers. I have a solution for that. If you have a group that is looking for something different, I am available to come to your gathering and answer questions and/or lead a discussion. This is perfect for events like girls night or bachelors parties. Whatever your group, this will definitely create interesting conversation!

In-Person Therapy

These services are provided in my office at 2564 Branch St, Suite B5, Middleton, WI. Feel free to bring coffee or another beverage with you.

If you are unable to attend session in-person, check out my online services.

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Intake Session

Ongoing Session

Intake sessions are 90 minutes. During the session we will go over a large amount of information, determine goals, treatment plan possibilities, and make a choice if we are a good match for continued therapy.

$145 per session
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Ongoing sessions for existing clients are 60 minutes in length.

$110 per session
Pre-pay for 5 session and get the 6th free — $550
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Why I Don't Accept Insurance

I currently have made the choice to accept only fee-for-service. By paying directly for psychotherapy, the client ensures complete privacy as insurance would require that your information become part of your health record. The client also retains more control over his or her treatment in terms of duration and frequency as most insurance companies allow only a specific set of sessions based on a diagnosis for some course of treatment. By paying directly, a third party is not making decisions about your care: You are in control.

In addition, paying directly for services avoids any need to medicalize treatment or assign diagnoses unless absolutely clinically necessary. Unfortunately, insurance companies will not pay for psychotherapy unless you are diagnosed with an illness. I provide therapy to any and all people without the stigma of being considered “ill” to seek out a therapist for life’s inevitable struggles. I refuse to give someone a medical diagnosis simply to appease an insurance company.