Relationship Truths: A Series On Myths and Misconceptions


In my Two Therapists Talking video series that I do with Jasmine St. John we have been talking about Relationship Fundamentals. The series gives tips and tools to help improve your relationship. Over the next few weeks I want to use this space to address relationships from a different angle.

Each week I will discuss a common myth or misconception about relationships. These may be issues I’ve seen in therapy, read about in blogs and articles, or questions and comments from readers.

It doesn’t matter what type of relationship you want. Friendship, romantic relationships, monogamous, non-monogamous…the core of all relationships is the same. These issues apply in varying degrees to all types of relationships.

The first truth about relationships is this – they don’t all work. At least not in the form we want them to work. You might be great friends but not great romantic partners. You may be great co-parents but not great friends. Or maybe your relationship is one that is best with a lot of distance between you.

On the other hand, too often relationships don’t work well not because of a lack of effort or some fatal flaw but because of a lack of understanding. The goal of this series will be to help you understand your relationships in a new way so you can make your effort count. I want you to have the best chance of creating the relationship that you want. And, I want you to be happy.

I hope you’ll find this interesting and helpful. I’d love to get your feedback, thoughts and ideas. Feel free to leave comments here or contact me directly.

See you next week!

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