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Two Therapists Talking: Sour Grapes


In this episode of Two Therapists Talking, Jasmine St. John and I talk about having a “sour grapes” response when we don’t get something we want.

Sour Grapes

Jasmine St. John, LMFT of JSJ Therapy and Jay Blevins, LMFT of Awen Therapy discuss have a “sour grapes” response when we don’t get what we want. For more information about Two Therapists Talking visit http://www.TwoTherapistsTalking.com Awen Therapy http://awentherapy.com JSJ Therapy http://www.jsjtherapy.com

If you have questions or a topic you’d like to hear us discuss, write us at TwoTherapistsTalking@gmail.com.

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