BOTS: How to Communicate with Women (and Men) In the Wild


Unfortunately this is the last Babble of the Sexes. I hope you enjoy it!


Once we meet the ones we want, how do we get to the point of clear communication?
Jay begins:

Alison, I’d love to get your thoughts on the issue of men meeting women and how that can best be handled by men. My experience is that there are conflicting messages that create confusion for men trying to meet and potentially create relationships with women.

First, we may believe that responsibility for initiating relationships should be equal between men and women. In other words, we can think that a woman should be just as empowered and just as likely to ask a man out as the other way around.

While we may wish it was that way, that isn’t the case in our society as it currently is. I often tell men that while it may be unfair, if a guy wants a date then he’d better learn how to ask a woman out.

If a guy waits to be asked out, the odds are that he is unlikely to have a date.

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