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Presenting at Open Hearts in Columbus, OH!


On January 25th I have the exciting opportunity to speak to Open Hearts in Columbus, OH!

In their own words, “Open Hearts is an organization dedicated to the exploration and experience of building relationships in your life that work for you in a healthy and ethical manner. We are radically inclusive, relationship positive, love positive, and sex positive. No matter how you identify on a relationship, sexual, or romantic spectrum, we welcome you to join us. We endeavor to create a space to discuss, meet, socialize, and have fun with other people exploring who they are and how love operates in their lives.”

I’ll be giving my talk Emotions: Don’t Let Them Turn You Inside Out. Our culture largely values logic and reason over emotions. People who express their emotions openly are often labeled as crazy, needy or weak. Sharing negative emotions with the people we care about may even be framed as “being a burden.” Some people even believe that if they feel their emotions they will be consumed by them. Those messages dangerously limit the joy we experience, and how well we create connection and intimacy with those we love and care about. Our lack ofknowledge about how emotions, and our brain, work, often leave us to wonder why our actions and reactions don’t match what we want our behavior to be. Or why some else acts in a way “that doesn’t make sense.” The logical and emotional parts of our brains exist for a reason. We are at our best when they work together. We are strong enough.

If you’ll be in Columbus, OH on the night of January 25th, I’d love to see you there! Feel free to contact me for more information.

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